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Recently, a lot of bugs were discovered that affect the performance of some characters. Below you will find a list of characters that aren't working as intended and if you want to learn more about the bugs, we released a blog post that summarizes our findings. The arrow shows if the bug makes the character stronger or weaker than her current rating.

  • Harran, Exia, Dolla, Milk, Frima, Yulha, Eunwha, Centi, Anis, Belorta - the charge bug makes them do way more damage than they should (both on auto and manual, but on auto it happens rarely),
  • Helm - same charge bug as with Harran + her Burst skill description is wrong in-game (she only attacks one target),
  • Yan - same charge bug as with Harran + her Burst sometimes moves enemies behind terrain or outside the map, forcing you to restart the stage,
  • Rupee - she makes non-stackable buffs permanent basically, making her super strong in teams that use a lot of buffs,
  • Yuni - sometimes her skills may cause other characters to have unlimited magazines (only happens in manual play) + same charge bug as with Harran,
  • Liter, Privaty, Neon, N102, Mica, Drake - same unlimited magazine bug as with Yuni, but in case of Drake, it only affects her not the team,
  • Snow White, Maxwell - in rare occasions both can use their Burst skills two or three times in a row (the bug is related to the magazine capacity bug),
  • Ludmilla - her Taunt doesn't work, making her basically useless,
  • Pepper - has issue stacking buffs which affects her healing output (but you can play her on manual to partially avoid this bug),
  • Vesti - she deals 1 damage with her burst, so she's even worse than she was on the test server,
  • Sugar - same unlimited magazine bug as with Yuni + her ASPD buff doesn't work at all,
  • Soline - when she bursts there's a low chance the aim reticle will vanish and when it does happen, a random character on your team can die,
  • Poli - in some cases her S2 won't affect the number of allies it should,
  • Noise - her S2 instead of increasing her Max HP gives her a massive drain that constantly heals her as she is taunting the enemy she attacks, making her basically immortal.