Tier list

Last updated: 23.03.2023

This tier list was created based on testing done by our staff and based on the experiences from the players in our community who had access to the Final Closed Beta.

Please keep in mind that Honkai: Star Rail is a game where team building matters most and while our tier list takes the optimal setup into account, a lot of characters can work and do well - even those ranked lower - when you invest into them. For example, we managed to clear most of the content available in the Final Closed Beta using only the Trailblazer and 4★ characters (the only exception being Memory of Chaos which is the equivalent of Abyss from Genshin Impact and the current end-game content).

Select tier list:

Available tier lists:

  • General (default) - how a character performs in the story, open world content, Simulated Universe etc (basically all modes where you have mixed enemies types),
  • Bosses - how a character performs against bosses and in boss-focused modes (Forgotten Hall + Memory of Chaos, Echo of War),
  • Farming - how a character performs while farming - AOE focused and done on auto (Calyx).


  • Manual gameplay (farming category excluded as there you always play on auto),
  • Using optimal team composition/support characters,
  • Character level 60 equipped with level 60 Light Cone, 5★ upgraded gear, traces unlocked and skills upgraded to at least level 5,
  • Eidolon level 0 for both 5★ and 4★ (excluding Trailblazer as you get their Eidolon for free).

Considering how grindy the game becomes past level 50, we think the above criteria are a good starting point to rate the characters for the release of Honkai: Star Rail - an average F2P player will need 3-4 months to reach the level 80 cap.

Our ratings explained:

  • SS - a god. The character is simply overpowered and dominates at her role,
  • S+ - a demi-god. The character is really strong and in certain scenarios can even perform like SS tier character,
  • S - a great and versatile character that has barely any flaws,
  • A - a good character that has a few flaws holding her back,
  • B - a decent character that has a few big flaws,
  • C - underwhelming character.
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